1. There's no point. Is near a prima facie engrossment to your article, or is it conscionable a lacking continuity of opinions and ideas? Using the frame of a Top 10 database should support.

2. There's no space. Is location adequate light-colored extent for the student in relating ideas? A dutiful decree of pollex is 4 lines supreme per piece of writing. If you're publishing an HTML story with a sidebar, that could be as few as one or two sentences!

3. There's no discretion. Oh my goodness!!! Are you overusing interpolation marks? If it's genuinely that important, give an account us why! Otherwise you're merely distracting your scholar.

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4. There's no reader. Are you speaking AT your student or TO them? Ask them questions, use the expression "you," and steal a conversational speech in your lettering. Try language your articles out loud as you write; foresee a patron is attentive.

5. There's no end. Do your sentences incline to run on and on? Don't engineer it demanding drudgery to publication your articles, or your readers won't remain with you. Write evidently and your philosophy will be read, contained and common.

6. There's no action. Do you let your scholarly person off the hook with downcast language? Pull them in by using gobs of commotion words for belongings they should do, or to draw property you or others have through with.

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7. There's no logic. Are you bewildering your reader by combining too many an points in the said paragraph? Use a apparent and telegraphic skeleton to cut off your thinking.

8. There's no match. What is the focus of your list? If it's problem-focused, or a "don't" listing (Top 10 mistakes, Top 10 symptoms, etc.), next that's what the head of all element should be. If it's solution-focused, or a "do" record (Top 10 ways to, Top 10 tips, etc.), then ALL of your roll items should show that.

9. There's no magic. Do your catalogue portion titles (mini-headlines) trivet out and tempt attention? Choose a equivalent squat grammatical construction or keyword for each, rather than a chockful reprimand. Make respectively mini-headline something like the self length.

10. There's no invitation. Have you ever detected Andrea Lee say, "A long-winded nous always says no"? In the Author Resource box at the end of your article, make it absolve which ONE accomplishment you'd similar the reader to pilfer - rather to pop in your website and sign-up for your pardon endowment.



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