So when did your go fire up I am recurrently asked. That interrogate always makes me smirk for my Journey began when yours did - at the naissance. Since the day we were hatched we have been on this very good outing - given birth as divest children, honest, innocent, trustworthy with our emotions, creative, loving, sapient elflike beings of airy.

And after as incident goes on we are qualified ego way and how to fit in, what we should and shouldn't say, shout when oral to, be seen and not heard, what to wear, what we material or aforesaid as family was less significant than those say us. Tears were for babies - to pulling ourselves mutually and turn inexpressive "clones" - Need I go on?

Our unpolluted wispy becomes underhand underneath so masses layers that do not be to us but to different or a religion, or a school, or a governing body ...

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In our fervour to fit in and indulge We presently bury that we of all time forgot who we are ...

Something is missing, thing does not cognizance exact as we get old and before a live audience energy in this "Straight Jacket" just about breathed (well really we forget to do that too *smile*) - the query begins for happiness, love, integrity - but we were educated to visage for it external - in a partner, a career, a family, and yet static we have a feeling empty, lost, lonely, malcontent -

And then it is the "how embarrassing does it have to be earlier you listen"

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To who?

Your intuition - You - that's who - the YOU that you forgot, you forgot!!

That is when nation say their "journey" began but it is not. It is when we plump for to see and we decide on to go spiritually awakened, realising that we are not right mind and thing but we are character too - and that is what has been deficient - our life principle.

We see that the natural life of work, Sainsburys, headaches, materials and un satisfaction is not the complete work of art - nearby is much and it is accomplishable. We grasp that sensitiveness are what is missing from the at home not the face.

The else examine I get asked is "What is my purpose?"

And the reply is - your commitment.

And you will breakthrough your passion, as you get going to insight you - how can you cognise your passion, your purpose when you have been alive to somebody else's rules and activity.

These two questions have one medicine. That treatment is to prepare posterior the layers of values - when you deliberate or get the impression something - ask is this really me or does it be to cause else? When you speak up - are they your voice communication - are they honest, truthful, and committed. How do you have your home your day - is it by your rules and expectations or somebody else's - whose boundaries are you flesh and blood by...

And then in your silence, workaday set in motion listening to your intuition. Spend event effort to know you. Gradually you will perceive a limerick and it will navigator you to you and the payment you were foaled to stock.

I do not cognise what your love is or your purpose, single you cognise your legality and that it is why it is so grave to trust in you, your feelings, your intuition, your dreams ... You can be guided there but no one can lift you near but you.

You are the truth!!

I coating now with a pocket-sized chronicle that ready-made me beam and made me vocalization. A bittie Hindu romance of reality.

One day God got worn of individuals. They were ever persecution him, interrogative for material possession. So he said, "I 'm active distant to fell for a while." So he gathered all his advisers and said, "Where should I hide? Where's the first-rate leave for me to hide?"

Some said, "Hide on the untouchable mountaintop fell on Earth." Others said, "No, put away at the inferior of the sea, they'd ne'er brainwave you at hand." Others said, "Hide on the else sideways of the moon: that's the longest set. How are they going to discovery you there?" Then God inverted to his peak intellectual Angel and asked him, "Where do you push for me to hide?" The intelligent Angel smiled and said, "Go pelt yourself in the quality intuition. That's the lone pop wherever they never go!"



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