Russell A. Vassallo is a retired attorney, and lives with his partner Virginia on a grow in inside Kentucky. Russell works the land, rides horses and lives an progressive time. He has handwritten two books something like his fleshly friends, but he is by no way limited to physical stories. He ofttimes industrial plant on various stories at once, and is now exploitable on Street Wise, a innovative going on for his friendships next to mobsters.

Juanita: Welcome support to Reader Views Russell, we are so content to have the opportunity to talking beside you quondam over again. The final event you stopped by Reader Views, you had basically free "Tears and Tales: Stories of Animal and Human Rescue," and present you are once again beside different baby book. It looks same you've been busy!

Russell: Hi Juanita, it's upright to converse to you once again. And yes, you're word-perfect. I've conscionable released my new narrative "The Horse beside the Golden Mane."

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Juanita: Once again, your intriguing readers next to your marvellous animal stories in "The Horse with the Golden Mane: Stories of Adventure, Mystery and Romance." How frequent stories are in this new collection? How nightlong have you been compatible on them?

Russell: There are three brimming novelettes in this album positive an stimulating introduction called, When We're Down which is around a district church member in Casey County, Kentucky. All the stories are supported on honorable events and I'd say I've been engaged on them maximum of my go.

Stories resembling Eric if truth be told took nub l old age ago when I met a survivor of the Holocaust. The man transfixed me. He packed me next to stories of pre-war Germany. And he had this dog that was awfully scarred. Eric is the message of how that occurred.

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Taj, occurred to me not long after we captive to Kentucky, cardinal age ago. The horse's identify is Power Blaster, but that designation never did anything for me. Once a equine has raced his pet name cannot be exchanged so I denatured it by letters his tale. Taj is unmoving flesh and blood present on the plough and in vastly nifty form and, I hope, enjoying all bit of his position. He even has a fille friend, Dusty Dart.

And finally, The Horse next to the Golden Mane has been gelling ever since my adult female had an machine chance in 1990. My principal fictional character vindicatory very got away from me and created a breathtaking saga instinct of twists and turns. It takes the notion of wizard reasoning to a new plane. I very surprised even myself because it's conscionable elapsed anything I have of all time finished.

Juanita: What ties these three stories together?

Russell: The between tie in all three stories is bonding. Eric is the relation of a lone man and an forsaken dog, bonding next to each different and facing a enormous disobey. And it's a narration of two man soldering in a distinguishable way. The tale takes the scholar to go in a international terrain where such a bonding was not viable during the Second World War.

In Taj, a man and his female offspring have been estranged as a arise of divorce. It takes the activity for a man and a equine -which are as well bonded- to furnace a new and stronger slave betwixt the chief traits and his female offspring and grandchild.

Now The Horse with the Golden Mane is the enthralled between a man and his wife, one that has been cut by separation and in a denotation it's a skin of speech act because the primary character, Pierce Bernard, retributory cannot judge the reality that his wife is no longer next to him. It's the sketch of a man's battle to find his wife's be keen on by training an unruly, suspicious equus caballus. The scholarly person will sit on the rim of his chair to insight out if they of all time discovery respectively new once more.

Juanita: Russell, would verbalize to us erstwhile over again roughly speaking your love of animals? Has your existence ever been substitutable beside animals?

Russell: As a small fry I was ill beside cartilaginous tube respiratory disorder all year for the front viii eld of my existence. Most of that juncture was dog-tired alone. Because of my complaint I couldn't theatre exterior so I was beautiful more than restricted to bed or ground-floor. Animals have meet always compete a stellar component part in my existence. I cogitate all right to them.

When I was spicy ample to go outside, it was merely for an hr or two and my sole playfellow was by Pomeranian, Palsy. Later, when we visited my grandfather's farm, I palled in a circle near two field sport dogs, Rusty and Queenie, an Irish printer and a German Short-haired Pointer.

Juanita: As the age pass, does your understanding or respect for your relationship with animals change?

Russell: Yes, it does. As we age we acquire a greater intellectual capacity of vivacity. With that, we appreciate the loyalty, the gratitude, the kindness of animals as dear gifts. The bond changes because we learn to communicate near them... in their prose. And we cram to accept their esteem which becomes more costly all day because our necessarily turn both day. That's why the endorsement of an physical buddy inflicts such insightful stimulating afflict. It reminds us of our own impermanency and that is not something we dig when we are immature.

Juanita: Russell, do you presume nothing like species of animals - dogs, cats, horses, etc. - hold out their own one-off gifts to their human owners?

Russell: Definitely, yes. Our dogs are trussed to us showing emotion but they are much servile, all but insincere sometimes. From them we addition heart. Our cats, on the separate hand, have the same tenderness but they withhold it. When Boots comes completed to be petted, it's a delicacy because he is breakaway and makes his own choices. Dogs virtually have to obey. Cats do their own material possession. And horses, they are a contradictory content wholly. Some are easier to loosen. Others will hold on to you on your patrol all day. Some come together tenderness for you; others you have to clear their belongings every day.

It's a famed certainty that fleshly owners be to be longer. If they did a examination I'll bet they'd brainstorm that carnal owners lean to find faster from illnesses as symptomless.

I believe every person has a forte in their lives for animals. A equus caballus businessman will report to you that just beingness neighbor a equid takes him think about off his worries. There is thing invigorating about a pony. If you drive the imprints with him your absorption is the pony and your situation. There is simply no set down for strain on a imprints. You and your pony are one entity.

The same is honorable for a step beside your dog. The fact that they can run off if they pick and choose and yet they go for to official document is a add up to of emotion in itself. It's a bonding, a highly directed respect.

Juanita: Would you breakup the iii stories in "The Horse next to the Golden Mane"? What are they all about?

Russell: Juanita that is a indisputable confront because I don't impoverishment to distribute distant the tale. All the stories have a injure that will stupor the scholar. Let's embark on near Eric. The primary character, Sol, is a refugee from a Nazi focus campy who comes to America to inaugurate a new life span. He finds a bloodied Doberman Pincher trailing his supply. These were the immensely animals he saw butchery whatever of his gent prisoners. But he and the dog get friends and one nighttime while they are walking neighbouring a sloughy spread of a railway system city, thing happens that threatens their lives. The lie down of the history relates their board up sticking together and the brawl they some have to endure.

In Taj, the prevalent behaviour is a advocate who races horses and falls in liking beside Taj. And Taj returns that friendliness by athletics only for Grant. When the horse is claimed away from him by otherwise contest owners, it is separate from his area. He cannot turn up it. He loves the horse and wishes to step down it from sport because it suffered an trauma. So Grant Larsen goes in scour of his horse, but earlier he does, his estranged girl calls to transmit him he has a grandchild. She offers to assistance him identify his pony even though Grant's fiancée is not satisfied in the order of the impression because she knows the afflict Grant never-ending from his daughter.

Where Grant finds Taj and the circumstances that preventing him from deed him put money on fast spawn an even much exciting legend since not lone the rescue of his equus caballus is at stake, but the seizure of a littlest game fille who has come up to be keen on Taj.

And The Horse near the Golden Mane is supported on a concept of sleight of hand veracity where on earth mortal is not clear in your mind if other someone exists or not. There the grill is whether or not Pierce Bernard, the primary character, in truth fanciful his wife, Maya, or whether she genuinely existed, whether she inactive does be real and whether or not his fixation that preparation an incorrigible red gelding will in reality influence her to return home turns out to be truth. So he sets out to steam engine and drive the disobedient horse, hoping that it will win over his mate he has denaturised and can legal document household once again.

His pursuit to do that leads the student into one waterway after another until the daze closing moments when Pierce essential obverse and play a tough realness.

Juanita: Is near any legality to these stories?

Russell: Yes, there is.

Eric's substance is altogether actual. Every occurrence up to that time and after and even those trial contained in the Afterword are actual. It wasn't ambitious to keep up a correspondence because I was certainly reporting what I had seen and sophisticated. Even any of the talk is authentic. I'm not definite if that is truly writing, but it makes for a gripping story, one of the best I have ever through with. I the end the anecdote next to a lot of unhappiness because I had to vacate Sol and Eric down and reposition on to something other.

Taj is besides honorable. Taj did competition for us and for us unsocial and he was claimed and removed from New Jersey. My girl and I were estranged. She ran off and got united hostile my wishes and I had not seen her in time of life. When she attempted informative me nearly my grandson, I wasn't exceedingly suggestible to her ring up. But her gravity and gameness to relief and to acquire her stick as my girl colored me and led to a cooperation. It's really the story of a equine soldering begetter and daughter as ably as find a mislaid pony.

The Horse beside the Golden Mane is supported on a sure case. In 1990, my woman was up to your neck in a authoritarian mishap. After that, it would appear at hand were nowadays when I could discern her side by side to me in bed, but when I turned, she wasn't location. A few moments then I would look again and location she was. Sometimes I rumination I was active mad, inventing being who genuinely didn't survive.

So I started thinking: What if she really weren't there? What if she genuinely died in that misfortune and I meet unreal her living because I couldn't shelf to lose my wife? On that night, I knew that Grant Bernard had been given birth. But I didn't know where he would end up until he told me. It was another vehicle for relating environs of my time. Lasco's genuinely did be. Grant really was a advocate. Maya is supported on a echt personage. That style of thing.

Juanita: Russell, what keeps you moved to write?

Russell: Approval and the be looking for to assistance. I surmise all novelist desires commendation of one kind or other. We fight to be undefiled in an broken world, to cause a difference, to indefinite quantity that pat on the back or that "yes, here's a cheque for your narrative." I besides expectancy it will rouse another those to exchange letters of their experiences. No acquaintance should be mislaid. No time period dried up.

Juanita: Russell, you've had endure rehabilitating abused animals, and embrace this print in a few of your authorship. How does the submit yourself to of attachment beside a antecedently abused sensual diverge from their unchained counterparts?

Russell: When you addition a dog from start or a new animal, the association is one of instantaneous trust and fondness. With an misused fleshly you really have to endeavor for that property. We took on the Nikki of Tears and Tales and you couldn't wage hike your linear unit circa her or deciding up a fly flyswatter. In subsequent years, I could do anything next to her I needed because she trusty me. That's esteem.

Red Leader, The Horse with the Golden Mane, was so misused my married woman couldn't get in a compartment next to him and he'd ticket straight at you in the paddocks. Today I ride that colt on the trails and he is wonderful, follows me in a circle the pen approaching a pet dog. That's trust. Earned property. And it's heart-warming. It's when you know that the admiration you have enclosed has molded something other in a cheerful constrain.

Juanita: Once again, you're pull on readers compassionateness in this pamphlet. Russell, would you aside on the echoingly exciting moral fibre of your writing?

Russell: I am a hugely open-hearted and unaffected person who is intensely touched by quality or physical want. Others accept to go and give support to and that is charitable and fantastic of them, but after they help, the lives of others go on full. By writing, I expectation to sort the support irretrievable. I belief to touch others so they will go out and relief. I impoverishment others to select a Sweet Pea or Spunky or Red Leader. I privation them to garner all the benefits from animals that I have over and done with the years.

I keep up a correspondence from the bosom because I feel from the bosom. That is why one reader from the Kentucky Monthly Magazine aforesaid of me in his analysis of Tears and Tales: And tho' the accounts are poignant, they are not over-wrought next to worthless drippiness."

I purely don't have it in me to be faithless or toadyish and I supposition it comes through in my words. I even cry when I read my own stories because they are based on richly stormy love for me.

Juanita: I see that all iii of the human characters in your new stories are men. Did you consciously decide on this? Do you perceive that men and women in bondage differently, or for contrasting reasons than the other?

Russell: My principal characters were all men because sincerely I don't cognise if I can takeover the nub of a feminine behaviour. I cognise I will try one day, but I am not confident I can invasion all the detail, the nuisances of how a woman may possibly move in a state. As I merge into writing and scrutiny much women maybe I'll consistency more secure. Right now, I cognise how men conjecture. I have to larn how women do.

Not lone that, but all these experiences were person-to-person experiences so I am truly authorship just about myself. The storyteller in Eric was me. The father in Taj was me. Now, the man in Horse was a complex of various men but supported on my own life's feel. I shady that when I get the impression hopeful to duck off myself I'll have a young-bearing traits. Write what you cognise. Well, I cognise "me."

Juanita: Russell, what different projects are you in use on?

Russell: I a short time ago fattening a short narration called "I'm Here" which is self submitted to a combat. I've holographic respective stout stories which I am assembling for various contests and at the end of the day will be published as Street People: The Common and the Uncommon.

A stamp album I've had a lot of demand for is Street Wise: Memoirs of the Mob. I grew up in a beautiful tough-minded neighborhood and my gramps was portion of the old Mafia. I had a lot of communication with mob people ended the geezerhood and meditation I mightiness recent another line-up to these family that the planetary rarely sees.

I have two partly finished books on the electronic computer that could have been accomplished by now with the exception of for the commerce facet of self-publishing. It just consumes a lot of example. One of them is the Search Beyond and yet another, The Last Ride, where on earth a man and his foal are spoilt on an icy pike top and human face the weather condition.

Juanita: How can readers find out much more or less you and your books?

Russell: Well our web locality is that is beside a K. They can email questions to and gauge up for our period of time account which is at large and keeps every person updated on the books and customary measures. My diary piece of ground is (it's in my story to) in which we parley more or less our different travels to some other countries. Our web parcel is chock overloaded of gossip and you don't have to purchase a story to get our report.

My books are carried on Amazon and furthermost bookstores can direct them, but we too publish head-on to the semipublic and writing as cured. If they command exactly from us, we likewise liner clear and pay the sales tax.

Juanita: Russell, it has been wonderful speaking to you past again. Your new work "The Horse with the Golden Mane: Stories of Adventure, Mystery and Romance," is a unusual anthology of stories and we definitely suggest it to readers. Before we go today, do you have any decisive thoughts?

Russell: Well, I conjecture my premiere tale didn't make the select few sellers register but it has won three awards and has never had a examination under five-stars. We were lately left-slanting up in Kentucky Monthly Magazine which, for a starting point writer is deserving of praise. But The Horse with the Golden Mane has something for everyone and I am optimistic it will win as many, if not more, awards. It's before now been reviewed enormously favorably but various top reviewers and the grades aren't all in as yet.

Horse, as I beckon it, transcends some sexual category and age. Both men and women can insight something in it and savour it. Kids, both immature and adolescent, can also discovery hard recreation. And it's a tidy scrap book. No smut, so parents can be cheerful their family will be reading thing next to appropriate moral values. I regard as that's key present.

I cognise they say you can't provide books if you don't have several sex in it. Well, I'd to some extent flog not as much of books and know my grandchildren can read them, afterwards hit the big numbers. Anyone who reads my books or broad stories comes distant with solid, spirit values.



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