Summer daylight. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes downhill the shutters of his store. He would see his crony Ram Dass present he decides. He would bowman him everything, candidly. His both troubles.
Oh! Is present not Tuesday? He puzzles to himself. Ram Dass possibly will have a sneaking suspicion that that he has locomote to him to get his face fungus smooth-shaven. Would he let him do his job today?
No, no, no. He doesn't poorness to kind his shaving. No shave- no shave- today. He necessarily exchange and hopes into Ram Dass. Might Ram Dass get him ten thousands for six 7 months to be in charge of the matrimony of his daughter?

Ram Dass is kind he thinks. Very lenient. And he subject matter his barber associate likewise. His in-law likewise content him, calls him 'good-master-connoisseur' Why shouldn't she christen him maestro connoisseur? He trims her furry pelt tresses with adroitness. He hopes that she mightiness as well come in frontwards to minister to him.

When he visits his home, he sees Ram Dass on two legs in the porch. Uncalled stop by. His heart pulsates in trepidation. With plumping difficulty, he makes an sycophantic crash mildly on the door.
"Ram Prasad Ji" And shouts into the total admission money.
"Come, come, yaar" Ram Prasad, effortful a g-string and chappal, greets him from in the house and noses up his glasses. Bhagwan Dass folds his keeping sycophantly.

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"Come, sit here" He offers him a prickling seat. Sinking into chair, Bhagwan Dass remembers- how humanely Ram Prasad would have helped him at the occurrence of his want. At the time of his sr. daughter's marriage, he had on loan him twenty cardinal thousands near a hugely negligible involvement. So kind-hearted he is!

"Why not, why not; you're my time of life chum, yaar. I'm especially here to see you" Bhagwan Dass remembers- how they cared for respectively other than once they were in DPS (Delhi Public School) in Delhi. Then they both had the self business enterprise status. How naughtily- they in cooperation flirted next to the fashionable, full of yourself girls. Ha, ha, ha; now absent are the years.
"Really? Really?"

"Hundred pct really, yaar" Bhagwan Dass guffaws and claps onto friend's manus. After a fleeting chat, Bhagwan Dass whispers meekly.
"Yaar, I've move to you with a hope"
"Hope?" Ram Prasad scrutinizes his expressions. Smile on his oral cavity evaporates
"Yes, I obligation quite a lot of cremation for the marital status of my daughter"
"Marriage?" Moneylender Ram Prasad thinks for a time then denies squarely.
"Sorry yaar, you know- I'm unsuccessfully off these days" And he makes his facial gesture. Bhagwan Dass disappoints. He does not expect this kind activeness from childhood brother. Moreover, except Ram Dass- none in the small town is competent to be a resident of up to his hopes. He is the with the sole purpose loan shark in the small town who can bestow wealth to one and all. Why he refuses to his chum? Bhagwan Dass weakly hurts. Astonishes. Does he privation overflowing interest from him also? Fleece him?
"Is your beauty salon not well brought-up running, yaar?" Ram Prasad feigns obscureness.
"Not is this reason, sethji?" He casts fur his eyes, humiliates. Begging sponsorship is genuinely unbecoming.
"They relations economic process dowry" Bhagwan Dass winces. And view saturate near bodily function. Ram Prasad's in-law comes beside two cups of potable retentive in a receptacle.
"Namaste" When she buzzes, Bhagwan Dass hopes into her opinion besides.
"Chacha Ji, why are you sad, today?" Bhagwan Dass, answerless- shoots a outer shell into setting sun. When she goes, Ram Prasad utters.
"I think- you're angered beside me, Master. Aren't you?"

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"No, no sethji- how can I be angered with you?" And his opinion secretion drops of river unexpectedly. Moneylender moves to emotions, humbles out. Everything is comprehensible. He understands.

"Master, how some you need? I try to arrange, yaar" He speaks smaller quantity professionally more than affably - "You're my infancy chum, yaar"

"Ten thousands- at least" Bhagwan Dass utters of a sudden.

"Ten thousands...huu...they can get flooding interest" Moneylender tries to wool him.

"High interest, I shall pay, I shall pay" Bhagwan Dass speaks loud as if fashioning a guarantee. But he senses that his assistant is hard to plagiarize him. How far so much his immaturity sidekick has changed? He is now perfectly a deviating guy?
Then oral communication takes a turn, Ram Prasad enquires snobbishly.

"Master, what give or take a few groom? Is he a flawless guy?"

"Good guy? Yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass says confidently.

"How much he earns?"

"Sethji, to acclaim him perhaps would be a big gossip from a elfin maw. He is rumoured to be a apt earn" Confidence mixes up near purse-proud.
"Does he run business?"
"No, he is in system service, sethji, building complex in DEO office"
"You know, he is Diwan Chand's son" He adds.
"Diwan Chand?" Ram Prasad feels a hostile morsel on his dialect.
"Diwan Chand?" He sees his photo unsettled formerly his thought.
"Diwan Chand?" He disgusts, grows at a loss.
"Diwan Chand?" Perspiration resorts to his brow.
"Diwan Chand?" He shouts brusquely.
"Fie! Fie! Fie! You opt for Diwan Chand's witless son for Madhu daughter? Is Madhu beti active to be married near that idiot?"
"He is not a bit idiot, sethji" Bhagwan Dass says as if defensive himself.
"Huh! Not a bit idiot" Ram Prasad tosses his both safekeeping upon windowpanes
and pouts.

"I know bigger to Diwan Chand, Master. Better to bury this married state otherwise I would not pass you jewels for marriage with that monster" Bhagwan Dass does not react. Mutely, he stand from stool (as if a imperial blue blood) and folds his safekeeping.

"Namaste" He reaches at the door. Moneylender amazes. Should he let his punter go unfleeced? No, no, no.

"Where're you going, yaar? Hold, hold" A formal clasp chicago him.

"I would not let you sink the natural life of Madhu beti" He yells artificially. "Yaar, try to make out me. I'm far such distressed in the region of Madhu female offspring. Diwan Chand is a shrewd man I know and his son Shyam too consequent his distance. Yaar, you're my childhood chum. Can I victimise on you?" He circumspectly tries to persuade him. Then he pauses for a piece. Bhagwan Dass sits on bench over again. He sulks.
Next day, horrified Bhagwan Dass enquires around the boy. Does his formative years brother exclaim truth?
No, no, no. He listens to divergent accounts of enmity relating Diwan Chand and Ram Prasad. They both had established a drinkable schedule age rear. He hears. When any cow died in cold, they suspect respectively else for the loss. When the dairy farm closed, they both united in a factory where on earth they again could not see eye to eye next to each other than.
Later, Ram Prasad was separate from manufactory on the entrance fee of larceny. But he had tried to ensnare Diwan Chand in the noose. Diwan Chand was an honorable man. Nothing had proved opposed to him. He had heard all these belongings from unquestionable tribe.
Then, Ram Prasad started lending wake on seasoning and later it became his line of work and began to blossom day by day. As against, Diwan Chand realised his employ in manufactory with no holds barred and attained plenty. With hard-fought earned money, he got tuition to his son Shyam and on the same wavelength him in DEO place of business as a subaltern clerk.
Indeed, Bhagwan Dass had heard everything something like Diwan Chand and his son affirmatory.
He was confident by himself that female offspring would be elated next to Shyam. Moreover, they individuals demanded shrimpy dowry.

Again, once Bhagwan Dass meets Ram Prasad in gurudwara, he asks.
"Master, have you of all time met Shyam Lal personally"
"Ji, sethji" He expresses next to delight.
"Does he not look shrewd to you?" He asks added beside a slight revolve of disrespectful facial gesture on maw.
"No, sethji" Taking prasad from him, Bhagwan Dass says snootily.
"Sethji, he is a gold, unmingled gold"

Fie, fie, fie.
"Fie on you if you assume so, master? You are certainly a derisory man" Bhagwan Dass, in response, speaks nought.
At evening, Ram Prasad visits Bhagwan Dass.
"Master, forget him, bury him" He cries in an manifestation of irritation. Bhagwan Dass- horrified- begins to facial expression.
"Don't be upset, master" Ram Prasad placates him- "Don't be upset"
"I shall join you different fine-looking guy. A all right planted company man. And I am in no doubt you would be cheerful to have that boy your in-law. Would you privation to see him?"
"Sure, confident. I'm obligated to you, sethji. Really- you've a boy for my daughter? Really?" Master barber crouches feathers obsequiously.
"Stop, let me exhibit you his photograph" Ram Prasad cheerful egoistically thrills. He shows him snapshot outdoor sport out of his noise small bag.
"See, see, how with-it a boy is?
"Jagmohan?" Master samuel barber at sometime recognizes the boy.
"He is a loafer, sethji" He delivers his condemnation.
"No, no, no"
"And I know he drinks also"
"No, no, no" Ram Prasad pats his friend mildly.
"Look, facial expression at the kinfolk. He is the single son of city's richest grain bargainer. Madhu beti would be happy, dear" Ram Prasad adds- "And now, he has specified up wine and idling. Barber master nods but his heart sinks. Should he unify his female offspring to a loafer? No, no, no. Jagmohan is a prosperous. Very loaded. Should Madhu not soak up the additional of life? Ram Dass says.

"He has specified up his bad habits- wine, idleness etc."
"Sethji, oblige don't build a derision of me. I'm a inferior man. How mightiness I impart them dowry?" Bhagwan Dass laments.

"Dowry? Forget it, bury it. They're pleasant population. They have need of no dowry" Ram Prasad says as if guaranteeing him. Bhagwan Dass does not live up to.
"Sethji, endow with me instance to come up with give or take a few it"
"Ok, ok, ok" And next day, barber maestro directly refuses to adopt his suggestion. Ram Prasad feels a slap onto his oral cavity.
Bastard, bastard, bastard. I shall afford you money! Huh! I shall borrow you money! Huh! My phallus gives you cash. Huh! Bewakoof. After days, once barber artist begs business on complex interest, Ram Prasad cries.
"You're my friend, colleague. Huh! Even foes are well again than you, master" In fury, his upper lip shows the tips of teeth. Bhagwan Dass sinks into dreadful silence. Fifteen account after, once creative person barber tries to put your foot out of the room, Ram Prasad holds his mitt.
"Tell, tell, have you trust in me? Trust in me?" Bhagwan Dass nods. Eyes glow next to drops of tears.
"You suppose I lead on you, bewray you. I'm your babyhood chum, yaar. Might you summon up we were in the same hotel legroom in DPS Delhi?" Ram Prasad gushes beside (fake) emotions. He takes his friend's safekeeping into his and glances into his view.
"I shall provide you wake. How so much you need? I shall sort it. Twenty? Thirty? Forty thousands?" Ram Prasad's humility seems hypocritical.
"I poorness my early life sidekick to be comfortable. Always happy" Master barber grins, tuck hands, flashes persuasion in deification.
"But, it is a problem" He moves his oral cavity unprofessionally.
"Problem?" Master barber amazes.
"No problem, no problem. I'm to the full beside you. They nation possibly will poverty the registry of your address...otherwise...yaar, they are stumbling to make available us money"
"I countersign you, ladened guarantee" Ram Prasad presses his both hands. Bhagwan Dass- a basic man as compared to moneylender- smiles innocently.
"Would they get backmost my register after I pay them?"
"Why not? Why not? Sure, yaar" He says examining friend's sad human face.
Next day, Master samuel barber submits him the register of his private house and gets cardinal thousands on two percentage unit of time pizzazz.

Fifteen life past the marriage, once maestro samuel barber shows his inability to pay the colour on hoard in advance, Ram Prasad- childhood pal cocks.

"Oh, no problem, no breakdown. Can you drinkable the cow?"
"Yes, yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass is skilful in this branch of learning. He too has a set of two bovine at sett and milks her day-after-day. And he accepts the job of milking the cow in Ram Prasad's sett happily.

Next morning, his levy starts. He emerges at antemeridian 5 and makes smug sethaniji next to his handiness in milking the cow. It smoothens for four v life. Then, a doom day comes once cow grows ferocious and hits artist samuel barber onto his appropriate eye and makes him purblind indefinitely. Ram Prasad stuns to see the tissue layer to his left-handed eye gravely destroyed.
A hebdomad is not here to the wedding of his female offspring. Ram Prasad admits his mate in healthcare facility. Ophthalmic surgery is through with. Madhu grows sad and crestfallen. Motherless miss has one and only one optimism in life- her male parent. She hopes into Ram Prasad and calls him chachaji.
"Chachaji, enchant liberate my bauji (father), satisfy...please...please..."
"We're wearisome female offspring...trying" Madhu remembers- time of life back, once her jhaiji (mother) was admitted in hospital, it was the just Ram Prasad- chachaji- who had helped his male parent beside silver. Ram Prasad is really a meek man, Madhu thinks.
"Is it not bigger we should suspend the spousal relationship for days" On the day of surgery- master barber implores his associate.

"No, no, don't pressure. We'll scheme it, yaar" Madhu, who has absolute holding in Ram Prasad assures her male parent that he should not anxiety going on for her at all. Ram Prasad promises him that he would do his high-grade to sort the wedding ceremony a happening. Madhu visits private clinic both so regularly to face after her parent. Bhagwan Dass is unqualified to transmission her the pic of newlywed. He begs Ram Prasad to performance her print of her hubby.
"Don't worry, don't worry, I shall live entertainment her everything- his photo, his domestic photos and dowry etc. You pinch rest, yaar" Bhagwan Dass feels homelike. He is assured.
The Day of matrimonial comes and Madhu gets married. Nurses in hospice detail him-it is a respectable marital. Madhu weeps...weeps... She misses her begetter tremendously much bauji...bauji...bauji...But Bhagwan Dass is happy, crazy. In happiness, he begins to drop on healthcare facility bed. His childhood sidekick has through a fantastic job. Thank you, friend- thank you very so much. A nurse tells him that his assistant has worn-out magnificently on the nuptials of his girl.
Two years later, Ram Prasad appears in hospice. Bhagwan Dass hugs him. Hug- hug- hug. Thank friend, give thanks you impressively by a long way.
"No, no, no. In friendship, no gratefulness at all" Bhagwan Dass smiles delightedly. Ram Prasad tells him that Madhu is contented.
"Is my female offspring happy?" A broad smirk runs onto his frontage. Really a polite coincidence is beamish on him, master barber reflects.
"Oh God, you're so caring...kind. I warmth you God" He folds his keeping towards light-blue sky. Really God has move to him in the signifier of his pal. In the outline of Ram Prasad.
He had heard from different living accommodations that in material world, God individual is realised but give up your job no footprints. God is invisible, performs miracles. And it is actual. Hundred pct apodictic. His medical procedure commercial activity had been jubilantly finished. God himself had ready-made all arrangements. He is starry-eyed that he would see the world over again once his binding unfolds.
Optometrist promises him that he would blossom forth the lint solar day. Bhagwan Dass begs Ram Prasad to transfer Madhu to sickbay next to her participant. He wants to see his female offspring next to married man. How resplendent she will watch he thinks. He requirements his female offspring should be neighbour to him at the instance of his leaving from medical wing.

Then, health facility telephone gymnastic apparatus. It is for Bhagwan Dass from girl. Nurse gives him cradle.
"It's for you, sir; it is for you, sir"
"Yes, talking...speaking"
"Madhu beti, are you happy? Would you go to surgery tomorrow?" Daughter's voice seems him a melodious dependable of a fool. He is packed near bliss to listen to the auditory communication of hunch to bosom as if God is in chat next to him.
"No, no, no" Daughter denies to come through to hospital.
"Why? Why? Are you hot under the collar beside me, daughter?" Master barber clasp the baby bed beside more clasp.
"I was not able to be existing in your marriage, beti"
"No, no, bauji" Bhagwan Dass consequently stuns hearing the sobs of daughter. Is female offspring not comfortable near her bridal with Shyam?
"What happened daughter? Are you not lively beside Shyam?" He asks rubbing on his cover.
"Shyam? Who Shyam, bauji?"
"Your husband? Your husband?" Bhagwan Dass push sceptical.
"My husband?" She breaks into blustery crying.

"I want to talk to Shyam. Give him receiver, beta" Madhu, unable to rule her breaths throws the receiver down. There essential be thing incorrect in the marriage ceremony. Wrong- wrong- false. He shrieks- rubs his binding irritably- begs caregiver to call for her backbone. Nurse dials the numeral. Bhagwan Dass with a upsurge of emotions cries.

"Madhu- Madhu, report to me what happened, daughter? Are you not blissful with Shyam? Don't shock to say anything to me? I'm your father, daughter"

"Bauji, I am content. I am truly especially elated. Bauji now- Jagmohan is my fortune. He is my married man. Bauji- you say- my partner is a gentleman. Bauji, he smokes and comic my article beside angry cigarettes. Bauji, he is a cruel" She once again breaks into body process. Bhagwan Dass is unqualified to hear much.
Cruel- Cruel- Cruel- his noesis echoes. He lets the receiver plunge down, flabbergasts. Everything is clear approaching solid chalice. He deposit unmoving and mute.
"What happens, what happens, sir" Nurses on duty runs towards him.
"Nothing, nothing" He falls on rest home cot by design.



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