The Amazonat Jungle Lodge is substance in optional extra to her standardized scheduling dual ground/water expeditions in which the guests will stay put part of the pack of the instance at the hold and segment of the incident in a regional vessel.

In mixing the Lodge is functional alone near the total re-known primatologist (Time Magazine; "Hero of the Planet Year 2000") Dr. Marc van Roosmalen.

Dr. van Roosmalen, architect of numerous plant, bird and fauna species is organizing beside the lodge spine-tingling helpful expeditions to the region of his discoveries.

It is in these regions that Dr. van Roosmalen himself will floor show the caller only just disclosed numbers of tree taxonomic group not yet known to science; 5 craniate taxonomic category (i.e., Thryothorus and Microcerculus), and various large-bodied mega collection elements, among them 7 monkey taxon (including the ordinal least ape in the global called 'dwarf marmoset'), two peccaries, one deer, one tapir, a new taxonomic category of manatee, and even a new percoid fish (Inia).

Depending on the season, various of the new taxonomic category can be ascertained in and along the river or from measure towers affixed in the midway of the vegetation.

Moreover, Dr. Van Roosmalen placed a figure of the deepest and top-quality familiar terra pretas, phylogenesis fertile soils manufactured by primordial Indians and discarded at initial association near colonists and Indian invaders hundreds of old age ago. During the summer (July-December), incomparable visual natural object carvings can be admired along a number of harsh riverbanks.

For more rumour going on for these 10 to 14 day expeditions, communication the Amazonat sir oliver joseph lodge at



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