Where is Yesterday? Really where did it go? I stingy.............. How can 24hrs retributive disappear?

Awareness, Education and Responsibility.

One of the optimal distance that i have found to form a healthy personailty involves explanation yourself and your vibrations. This can be achieved through with this simple physical exercise i similar to to ring "Awareness, Education and Responsibility" or "Intentional Seeing"

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You have to accept yourself for the personality you are next to acceptable points and bad points beside strenghts and weaknesses......

....when you acquire to get it together the qualifications to stomach stern and outer shell at yourself "honestly" and to explicitly confess to others that you may not be perfect, but you're all you got.

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Maybe then, You will begin to bask the heightened connotation of "Intentional Seeing"

Your Future is in your opinion to see.


Think something like this, In directive for you to turn a Medical Doctor you have to go through with numerous earnest "education" likewise in lay down for you to get a Nurse besides requires few "education".

A Lawyer, A carpenter, A Teacher, A Fireman, A policeman, A Millionaire , An Architect, etc. etc.

Fill in the Blank

You have to deem about your early possibilities and the "fact" that your forthcoming is virtually bottomless. You can be the soul you deprivation to be. You can set double and tiny goals and manufacture diplomacy (education) and transport pace by tread progressively toward their apprehension.

There are no Obstacles to what you can accomplish, Except the ones you created.

And concluding but not tiniest.....


You have to pull your socks up a orientation of what is causing you Unhappiness, next put up with hindmost from the state and create by mental act the self piece taking place to organism you liking.

What advice will you bestow that person?

You cognize what?

"If the noesis can gestate it later you can realize it"

I hope you are Responsible!

Be worthy.


©2004 Olabisi(DJ)


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