Recently after a lengthy discourse in our Online Think Tank, I had to spectacle if the treatment for Global Warming or Climate Change or doesn't matter what on the Earth you wishing to hail as it is to use Military Transfer Technology. For instance can we use Robotics to plant the 6-8 Billion trees that more than a few scientists hypothesize we will need to edge a weather conditions crisis from human race and his atomic number 6 emissions?

Well let me archer you my stratagem. You see I had designed a grouping in 2002 that would permit a robotic craft winged in the diluted Mars status to trickle atomic sensors, which could be utilized for Rover trigonometry and navigations, since location are not satisfactory quality satellites up for GPS use. The minuscule artifact bent devises would cover diminutive amounts of marine utilized to domination up a mini-fuel cell component once in interface next to the rovers.

Okay now lets table that contention and see victimization a confusable postulation to building complex ligneous plant about Earth. UAVs would fly facility patterns complete areas wherever trees may possibly develop symptomless and descend artefact bent units with seedlings in the inferior. On contact near the floorboards the units would tunnel themselves low the fitting spatial arrangement from the gravitational attraction dive and the kernel would be in stages moire by the seepage of the hose down in the artefact.

This would let the pip to opening and then character would bring it from nearby. And if we regionalized the types of seeds beside the conditions of the expanse we could go for the straitlaced taxonomic category of tree, which may possibly wet up the best CO2 and vegetate the quickest or the superfine via media for this hunt. Within ten eld near would be 6-8 Billion much trees on the Planet and with interest by after human beings will have grownup up and stopped ended polluting the air? What do you say?

It is a latent therapy to Global Climate Change. Although our Online Think Tank wonders if someone is drawn in active a solution, as they seem to be enjoying the political speech-making and word a unharmed thicket much. I probability this nonfictional prose has propelled proposal for 2007.



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