We are aware in a global which is out to unceasing alarm. A few days ago an man-to-man was in remission at JFK Airport. The break he disembarked from was AL-LIE 2006 from the Far-Far East. When curbed at the ritual counter, the migration officials noticed the out of the ordinary adventure of one of the travellers. After a conscientious search, the idea was unchangeable. The individual, who sham to be a university basic-sciences lecturer, was in tenure of dubious and precarious items. The customs ex officio according that he was in possession of an eraser, a ruler, a protractor, vernier callipers, a vessel of drinkable and a peculiar, coded wording of non Anglo-Saxon derivation on units and algorithms: "The 2006 Edition - SI Units, Conversion and Measurement Skills". The keywords: "conversion of units", "experimental science", "si measurement", "English to metric", "fun tests", "uncertainty", "power-of-ten", and "the da Vinci code" sounded too exceedingly cynical...

Obviously, the man contravened the not long imposed escaping regulations. Immediately he was whisked off to an covert Central European question tasteless.

Thanks to lately sanctioned sentence methods, the officers briskly cultured that the man was a applicant of the dishonourable Al-Gebra battle. He was charged beside carrying weaponry of maths briefing. It was recovered that Al-Gebra is a bit of a fearsome, radical knowledge domain religion whose aim is to unceasingly proliferate comprehension of numbers with the unshared meaning of capture the worldwide. They use illegal names suchlike "X" and "Y" and refer to themselves as "Unknowns". What menaces the world is that in nothing like countries, "Unknowns" transfer the calumny of their units to: fps, imperial, cgs, mks, KGB, si, ichi-foot, metric, tuzin-kopa and opposite off the wall denominations which engineer them problem to shadow. However, it has been persistent that they belong to a ubiquitous denominator of illuminati near coordinates in all land on the floor from instance old...

Commenting on the event, President Bush assured the American exoteric that no foreign units (even French) would be allowed to get in the USA. The citizens were warned not to trademark any interaction with them. The end product of immediate canvass showed that 90% of population reacted confidently to the petition.

In his defence, the single incomprehensible that he had been framed by his own girl who had planted a flask of potable in his baggage as an slogan of her fondness. He admitted that he had flown in from the Far-Far East in direct to help out American bailiwick teachers. He confessed that in malice of the new Nobel prizes, he was exceedingly caught up in the order of the quality of USA field of study textbooks. He was too apprehensive that, reported to "Trumpet" magazine, the proportion of American students preparation to trail practical application degrees had dropped from 36% to 6% done the later decennary. The closing straw that prompted him to sheet the jet aircraft was a authentication from his beloved Oprah, who mentioned on zenith example TV that glorious college students in the USA had come with 24th in worldwide math tests. He denied that the story he was carrying was a set of book of instructions but a bit a uncomparable periodical on research field of study. He declared that the tale was of a stimulating and amusing humour and a moment ago what American students requisite. He maintained that Amazon had before been mercantilism the publication for many case at an enormous price, far farther than the get of the norm American learner and lacking the author's authorization.

(This unconventional phone call was passed to IIPCAG for investigaton). His purpose was to breakthrough an sincere American publisher and to go the book for the charge ten times belittle. Then he started a eery chant: "u - u-k and u - u-s-a, don't - de - lay, metri - cate!"

The officers came to the decision that though the violent had been in need of a attorney and a doctor, he should a bit be admitted for psychiatric inspection...



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