Once you've got your wireless scheme set up, I've no insecurity that one of the prototypic property you'll privation to do next to it is allocation an Internet connexion - after all, that's why best surroundings users put in a wireless system to start off beside. Well, the superb news is that Windows has Internet Connection Sharing built in. The bad word is that scene it up can sometimes be a itty-bitty smaller quantity than fun.

The hurdle is that the Internet Connection Sharing Wizards that come with Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Me don't manual labour terrifically well, and in several cases, can split your present Internet Connection. The smashing news is that it's not that unenviable to set up, as agelong as you do it decently.

How Internet Connection Sharing Works

When you set up Internet Connection Sharing, you set up one of your computers as a 'gateway' to the Internet, and afterwards use this gateway to admittance the Internet near your new computers. Essentially, requests for information from the Internet are existence sent out through the gateway, and the responses are anyone dispatched stern intersectant the exchange cards ('routed') back to your information processing system. The entree computing device is inactive the lone one that's directly related to to the Internet.

If you have cause problems visualising what's happening, create mentally for a second that the computers are culture. Let's telephony the computer-people Bob, Fred and Alice. They're all in a bar together, but Bob is the only one near funding for drinks (we could say he has a 'connection' to the bar). Fred and Alice can ask Bob to buy them a drink, and Bob can carry complete the drinks, for them to have as they routinely would. At no point, however, can Fred or Alice go and bid a raise the roof at the bar.

Setting It Up: The Gateway

Note: this show the way assumes that you have simply set up your wireless network, but you have not together it to the Internet yet.

The electronic computer with the modem united to it is the one you need to set up premiere - as the gateway, it's going to be providing Internet right to all your other computers. On this computer, go to the Control Panel, past click Network Connections. From here, you can run the Network Setup Wizard by clicking 'Set up a earth or squat business establishment network'.

Click subsequent done the witching until you get to a surface named 'Select a association method'. On this surface you obligation to quality 'This electronic computer connects direct to the Internet. The remaining computers on my exchange cards link to the Internet finished this computer'. From here on, you should be able to click side by side once more until you get to the conclusion. Say 'yes' to rotate on record and skilled worker giving out once you're prompted.

Your machine is now at the ready to be a gateway to the Internet.

The Network

The close footfall is environment up the separate computers on your introduce yourself to cause use of the entry you retributive created. Run the Network Setup Wizard on all of these computers, but this instance done pick out 'This electronic computer connects to the Internet finished another computing device on my web or through with a residential gateway'.

If the electronic computer that will now be using a shared Internet connection was mistreatment a dial-up linkage before, afterwards here are a few property left to do - you stipulation to natural event whatsoever settings in the web browser Open Internet Explorer, past go to the Options projection screen (in the Tools carte du jour). Click the Connections tab. You should sound 'never face a connection', and untick 3 boxes: 'automatically observe settings', 'use automated arrangement script' and 'use a agent server'.

The Trouble With Internet Connection Sharing

To go hindmost to our bar for a moment, see Bob leaves. Oh loved. Looks like Fred and Alice can't get any more drinks, doesn't it? The same entry applies to the computers on your system - if the entranceway electronic computer is switched off, they will miss all their access to the Internet.

That's not the single problem, yet. While Internet Connection Sharing works dusty for the web and email, it can be much debatable once it comes to doing opposite belongings. Downloading files from filesharing networks, for example, or victimization videoconferencing, requires you to knot in circles next to the entranceway computer's settings. After a while, it can get comparatively frustrating. If you're in this position, you should really try a wireless trained worker - see our piece 'Create Always-On Networks with a Wireless Router'.



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