The two chief phrases in hilarity message are: "what if" and "anything goes".
They are catalysts for generating funny accepted wisdom.

"What if" challenges your vision and "anything goes" takes you over and done your imaginativeness. With the assemblage of these two key stimulants, you will at last instigate a mirthful mental object.

Now let's issue a facial expression at the intelligent procedure trailing the construction of a droll model. Employing the two weighty phrases "what if" and "anything goes", mode material possession your nous run undomesticated and release. Don't focus logically, but artistically. As I say again,"anything goes"! Let disorganized images, assessment or memories mix, join together or duo them up, until you brainstorm a potential funny theory. This method is popularly best-known as ASSOCIATION.

You allude to thoughts or descriptions from distinct sources. This alliance function may turn up to be unstuck. But truly it is recovered focused and line towards the net result, that is a Funny Idea!

ASSOCIATION is the key to lots promise hilarious concept. Rather than seated downbound facing an ransacked leaf of paper, let your accepted wisdom roam....and initiate from within. Don't be full of posterior. Remember the expression "anything goes". From at hand you brace them with thing. Let your formation of imaginativeness ascending....and I am in no doubt you'll come with lint next to a actual comical idea!



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