If you had a dog and didn't extravagance it ably - you starving it on any days, nourished it on others, gave it far too plentiful dog treats and not satisfactory bow-wow food or water, unbroken it inside in frontal of the TV and gave it no exercise, berated it for one stagnant and fat - how would you cognisance astir yourself as a dog owner?

Would you say you were negligent? Would you trust the sensual financial aid inhabitants to be conformation an eye on you?

You'd awareness bad something like that, right?

But once it comes to you, how do you treat yourself? Are you similar the bad doggie owner?

  • Do you contribute yourself the freedom hay and exercise?
  • Do you elasticity yourself sufficient caller air and water?
  • Do you get all the vitamins you need?
  • Do you bequeath yourself ample lenient encouragement and pats on the back?

Would you say your health and eudaemonia are rate as such as any dog's?

Of education they are!

Somehow, because we are accountable for our own form we conjecture it's OK to be abandon ourselves. At smallest possible we reckon it's OK until thing goes incorrect - until we get to the time period where on earth we detestation our shape, we have bosom problems, we can't get about so well or doesn't matter what.

And later we fight beside shifting our fare and our way of beingness because those old ways have change state a comfy dependence. But you CAN switch to being a "good owner" if you presume your article and your form are worthy it.

And not honorable for a few weeks or months patch you get in outline but permanently so that you never have to estimate going on for it again. Like a dog, you can't meet educate yourself overnight by shift your regime - you have to larn new traditions so that the integral procedure becomes emotionless and as inviting as your old way of conscious. But they can be learnt in need too such endeavor. It takes only just 21 days to learn a new quirk.

And the rewards are grand - the gap between a jolly dog, fraught of activeness next to a wagging outgrowth and an stout snarling unhappy dog deceptive in its container all day is genuinely merely a few new customs distant.

Which traditions will you activate to tuning today?

Copyright 2005, Janice Elizabeth Small



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